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Terpenes: Linalool

Curate a fabulous high experience when you try cannabis strains that are naturally-abundant in the terpene known as Linalool. Linalool is a delightful floral terpene with

How To Dose Edibles

If you’ve had a bad experience with edibles before, you might be hesitant to try them again. Feeling anxious, paranoid, or couch-locked can really ruin your

What Are Trichomes?

What are those sticky little crystals covering my nug? And why is my frosty bud so dank and potent?  The answer to both questions is trichomes. 

How To Make Canna-Butter

Want to make infused treats at home? Start by making your own canna-butter. All you need is a grinder, cannabis, butter, and some common household items! 

How To Rejuvenate Dry Flower

Picture this: it’s laundry day and you are checking your pockets. You pull out a little baggie of nugs your pal shared with you. Hard to

The Differences Between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid

Humans have cultivated cannabis plants for over 2500 years, breeding them for specific effects. Through cross-pollination and genetic evolution, humans have created new cannabis strains. A cannabis

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