Explaining The Different Forms of Concentrates


Wax is concentrated cannabis oil. Typically soft and opaque, its texture ranges from crumbly to soft and viscous. Wax is made by using isopropyl or butane to force the THC out of the buds. The result is an oily, waxy substance. Wax can be vaped, made into edibles, and dabbed.



Shatter looks like broken glass. It is a cannabis extract with a solid, clear appearance. Made using solvents and hydrocarbons, shatter provides highly-concentrated amounts of terpenes and THC. Shatter is most commonly vaped or dabbed.


Budder is a cannabis concentrate that – you guessed it – looks just like butter. With its golden color and creamy texture, it can be hard to tell the difference. Cannabis budder, however, is made using a whipping technique and solvents that extract the cannabinoids and terpenes. With its powerful flavor and potent effects, budder is best enjoyed dabbed, vaped, or added to dry herb on top of a joint or bowl.


Sauce is a cannabis concentrate with varying consistencies. It contains crystals rich in cannabinoids, as well as an oil with high levels of terpenes. With its delicious flavor, sauce concentrates are great for dabbing or vaping. Sauce is made by using solvents and a purging process that takes weeks – far longer than any other extract removal process.

Live Resin

Live resin is similar to sauce, but starts with flash-frozen cannabis. This process preserves cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that contribute to live resin’s superb flavor and potency. Live resin is most commonly enjoyed dabbed or vaped.

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