Terpenes: Limonene

Do you love the taste of sweet, fruity citrus? Then you’ll be obsessed with the flavor and aroma of cannabis strains containing high concentrations of the terpene known as Limonene. With its unforgettable tart flavor and potent effects, Limonene will leave an unforgettable mark on your senses. 

With a vibrant bouquet of sweet-and-sour citrusy flavor, Limonene-heavy strains are relished for their tart zestiness. Besides being found in cannabis strains like Sour Diesel and Super Lemon Haze, Limonene is found in the rinds of citrus fruits such as oranges, lemons, and limes. Even if you’ve never heard of Limonene before, you are already quite familiar with it.

With its fresh citrus scent, Limonene is a common ingredient in many household items such as cleaning products, cosmetics, and even food. You may recognize it as the source of the lemony flavor in sodas, desserts, and candies. It is also the featured fragrance in various shampoos, soaps, detergents, and perfumes. Limonene is sometimes used in topical self-care products to help them better penetrate the skin. 

If you are interested in trying this terpene’s potent effects and zesty flavor, check out cannabis strains like Durban Poison that are abundant in Limonene. Experience the delightful lemony aroma and taste of Limonene with strains like Berry White and Banana OG.

No matter whether they are Indica or Sativa strains, Limonene plays a powerhouse role in cultivating the best cannabis experience. Combining Limonene’s bright citrus flavor with the powerful effects of THC sets the stage for a phenomenal sensory experience you won’t forget any time soon. 

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