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Dispensary Experience Unlike Any Other

We know how frustrating it can be to have to carry cash or pay ATM fees, which is why we partnered with AeroPay to provide a cashless payment option. 

We provide all the tools necessary for you to smoke, dab, cook, and roll however you want. 

Hospitality is our middle name. We are gratious to each and every person who walks through our door and are here to make sure you’re happy. We welcome you to reach out any time!

Our budtenders are here to help you find the right product for any ailment or desire. Whether you’re looking to turn up, or take a nap, we’re dedicated to taking the time to make sure you’re leaving with the right product every time.


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If you are looking to fight exhaustion, brain fog, or lack of inspiration, a nice sativa may be the solution for you. Sativa strains are known for sparking creativity, increasing focus, and can even help with mood-elevation and combatting depression.




If you're looking to solve for issues with pain, insomnia, or nausea,  seeking out Indica strains is likely the best path for you. Being the most dominant strain type on the Illinois market, indica-users have tons of options to try.




Hybrids are a wonderful choice for anyone looking to benefit from the effects of both Indicas and Sativas. By breeding different strains, Hybrids can produce a wide array of effects. Some Hybrids are more Indica-leaning and others are Sativa-leaning.

EXPLORE paraphernalia


Pipes are the most traditional method of consuming cannabis, outside of rolling. They can be made out of glass, clay, metal, and wood. Recommended for all skill levels. We've got an awesome selection of pipes for you to shop!



When you're looking for a nice smooth hit, bongs are the way to go. Not only can they become a beautiful centerpiece, bongs help make your weed go farther by getting you a bigger hit in a shorter period of time. Recommended for novice users. 



Vaporizers come in many shapes and forms, and can work with flower or concentrates, depending on the type of vaporizer you have. Vaping can be a more discrete and focused form of ingesting. 



Bubblers provide the benefits from the act of percolating (running the smoke through water) without the bulk of a full-sized bong. Somewhere between a bowl and a bong, bubblers are designed to produce smooth hits of flower. 


Dab Rigs

Thinking of entering the world of dabbing? The first thing you'll need is a dab rig. This contraption can take your combustible game to the next level, designed to work with all kinds of concentrates and delivering a concentrated hit each and every time. We recommend dabbing for experienced users. 



Whether you're smoking, dabbing, or making edibles, there's a whole world of accessories that you'll want to get into to enhance your experience. Learn all about grinders, nectar collectors, bangers, nails, and more. 


What Our Customers are Saying

  • Great service, great selection. There's more gear for sale at this dispensary than at others I have visited. Nice store with nice employees who are helpful and friendly.

  • Great and helpful staff. Amazing vibe and aura with each and every visit.

  • This store is great I love the people who work there. They help me pick the right stuff for me. Nice and open large space.

  • Very nice dispensary with a very friendly and helpful staff. Large screen displays show the stock on hand... Well stocked, with lots of products, including an impressive selection of gear.

  • Superb experience every time I visit. Great music playlists, knowledgeable staff and the best rewards program. I seriously recommend this dispensary over other local spots.

  • Let me tell you, from the moment you walk through the front door & enter the most spacious and beautiful dispensary I have ever seen!! ...Very helpful & gregarious employees. 

  • Beautiful space, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Big selection. What more could you ask for?

  • Love coming here. So convenient with online ordering. Out in under 5 mins each time

  • Great friendly staff, very organized and efficient. Love that they have options not just for flower etc but I love that they have glass and pipe options for everything ... I go out of my way to this one.

  • Not a visit do I not walk out happy. The staff is A+!! I’ve always been greeted and helped with EVERY question I’ve ever asked... The people are really knowledgeable and always willing to help.


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