Terpenes: Pinene

Do you love spicy, earthy scents that remind you of the magnificence of the natural world? 

Transport yourself to a woodsy forest with the entrancing scent of Pinene. This fragrant terpene smells just like an evergreen pine tree. With its mood-boosting scent and effects, strains high in Pinene are a must-have in your ganja stash. 

Pinene is the world’s most abundant terpene. Found in pine needles, dill, rosemary, and conifer trees, Pinene has a spicy pine-y scent that protects these plants from potential predators. Aside from its wonderful aroma which sets the mood for a phenomenal smoke sesh, Pinene’ holistic properties may help reduce inflammation, open air ways to alleviate asthma symptoms, relieve pain, and combat anxiety. 

Pinene may also have cerebral effects that contribute to lowered stress and boosted memory function. This fresh-smelling terpene may help you stay energized and focused, so choosing strains high in Pinene are a good idea for study sessions and moments of deep focus. 

Although Pinene is the world’s most abundant terpene, you’ll be hard-pressed to find cannabis strains that are Pinene-dominant. Instead, it is more common to come across strains with Pinene ranking as the second most abundant terpene in a strain’s composition. 

Ready to try cannabis strains with high levels of Pinene? Experience its woodsy, pine-y aroma with strains like Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Strawberry Cough, and AK-47. You’ll love its vibrant evergreen flavor that provides a refreshing focus. With its incredible potential effects and delightful fresh scent, there is so much to love about Pinene. 

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