How To Sober Up From Getting Too High

Uh oh…Did you accidentally get too high? Don’t worry. There are a couple strategies you can use to sober up when you’ve taken too much THC. 

Being paranoid, couch-locked, or anxious from taking too much THC can ruin your high. You want your smoke sesh to relax and invigorate you, not stress you out and make you more anxious. 

Chances are that you might be a cannabis newbie. If that’s the case, it’s always a great idea to sesh with a friend or two who can calm you down if you get too high. 

Some people suggest sleeping a bad high off, but this isn’t always the most comfortable strategy – especially if your high is keeping you wide awake. Others suggest eating a snack and making sure you are hydrated – which sounds basic, but can definitely help you calm down and be in the moment. 

Try to find a distracting activity that can shift your focus to something other than being too high. A pleasant hot shower or bath may provide the sensory comfort you need to come back to reality. You could also watch a television show or play a computer game, but go for lighthearted subjects if you’re feeling paranoid. 

CBD may also relieve anxiety from too much THC by blocking its intoxicating effects . A small study from 2013 found that CBD consumed with THC lessened anxiety and paranoia. You may be able to prevent yourself from getting too high in the first place by consuming cannabis strains with a relatively equal THC to CBD ratio. 

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