How To Rejuvenate Dry Flower

Picture this: it’s laundry day and you are checking your pockets. You pull out a little baggie of nugs your pal shared with you. Hard to believe it, but you’ve forgotten about your weed – and now it’s super dried out. 

When your bud dries out, it loses its delicious flavor, aroma, and even some of its effects. The stickier and juicier the bud, the more potent it is in all of the above categories. Dry weed burns badly and tastes worse than sticky weed, so avoid it at all costs. 

Trichomes contain resin, which is like glue for terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids – all of the good stuff in weed. Sticky bud is an indicator of abundant trichomes, meaning your weed is super potent. 

You can rejuvenate dry cannabis flower with raw clay stones. These stones keep herb fresh in the first place by regulating the humidity of your stash jar, but you can also use them to bring old bud back to life. All you have to do is soak the clay stone in water for five minutes, then stick it with your nugs. 

Prevent your weed from drying out in the first place with Boveda products. Boveda terpene shields control the environment of your bud jar by adding and absorbing moisture. 

Don’t smoke dry, tasteless weed. Enjoy the pungent aroma and powerful effects of fresh bud instead with some simple technology. Preserve the quality of your fresh flower from the start by using raw clay stones or Boveda terpene shields. 

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