How To Dose Edibles

If you’ve had a bad experience with edibles before, you might be hesitant to try them again. Feeling anxious, paranoid, or couch-locked can really ruin your buzz, so you might try to avoid them. 

While weed edibles are great for people who don’t like to smoke or vape cannabis, they have a bad reputation for getting people way too high. 

Because the onset of their effects is delayed, it’s not uncommon for people to impatiently eat more servings of the tasty edibles they “can’t feel.” Ultimately, this is why people get way too high from edibles. 

If you are ready to branch into the gourmand world of edibles once again, we have some tips to make your experience great. 

It’s important to remember that your body is unique, so edibles might affect you differently than they would another person. The best way to regulate your experience getting high with edibles is to monitor how much THC you ingest. 

Always remember to go “low and slow” with edibles. Start with the recommended dosage of the edibles you have on hand. After you’ve eaten one serving, be sure to wait at least another hour before consuming another. 

Remember that eating edibles on a full or empty stomach can impact the onset time of THC’s effects. 

Learning your body’s tolerance to THC can take some trial-and-error. It can be helpful to keep a journal with notes about the timing, dosage, and effects of each individual edibles session. Ultimately, it will take some time to know the perfect dosage for your unique system.

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