Terpenes: Limonene

Do you love the taste of sweet, fruity citrus? Then you’ll be obsessed with the flavor and aroma of cannabis strains containing high concentrations of the terpene known as Limonene. With its unforgettable tart flavor and potent effects, Limonene will leave an unforgettable mark on your senses.  With a vibrant bouquet of sweet-and-sour citrusy flavor, Limonene-heavy strains are […]

How Long Does THC Stay in Your System?

Depending on your consumption method, you can usually feel the effects of THC almost instantly. But how long does THC actually stay in your system? The answer? Days, weeks, and even months. The length of time THC stays in your system depends on your unique body and how often you consume THC. There are a […]

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