#MedicalMonday Benefits of Eating Cannabis

MM Eating

Eating cannabis in the form of infused food, referred to commonly as edible,  is a different experience than smoking it. Not only does it produce a different high, but it takes longer for the effects of THC to kick in. Cooking with cannabis can help those who are looking to smoke less, but still obtain the benefits of cannabis.

Major Differences

Eating cannabis produces a different high altogether, due to the way the body processes THC. When smoking cannabis the body converts the non-psychoactive ‘acid form’ of THC into a psychoactive form of THC called delta-9 THC. On the other hand, when eating cannabis the digestive system converts the inactive form of THC to delta-11 THC another compound with different effects than delta-9.

How long the psychoactive effects of cannabis  lasts depend on consumption method.  Effects are felt within minutes and last up to 1-3 hours when smoking. But, when eating it may take from 30-90 minutes  for the  psychoactive effects of THC to be felt, and high tends to last 3-7 hours depending on dosage. 


Eating cannabis produces a heavier body high feeling.  The prolonged high that comes from eating cannabis is best for those looking for long lasting pain relief. Since it takes up to an hour to feel the effects of THC it’s not  suitable for immediate relief.  On the upside, there is no ‘crash’ feeling after eating cannabis, unlike when you smoke it and the effects wear off. Say goodbye to the dry throat feeling , commonly called ‘cotton mouth’,  that comes when smoking cannabis.


It takes longer for the effects of  cannabis to be felt when eating it  so it’s easy to under-dose or consume more than you wanted. With any edible always start with a low dosage, wait an hour to see how you feel then it’s okay to have more. Following dosage recipes is also very important.

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