Indica, Sativa & Ruderalies Explained

  • Cannabis is an incredibly diverse plant that can be split into thousands of different strains, dozens of categories, and several different species. Thankfully, the three most popular strains are Indica, Sativa & Ruderalies. Here’s what each of them does:
  • Sativa strains incite feelings of euphoria & a head-focused high when consumed. It can also be used in small doses to boost energy levels, creativity, and divergent thinking. Sativas are not the first cho kki ice for medical patients unless dealing with specific medical conditions.
  • Indica strains produce a body-centric effect that can be used to soothe muscles, aches & pains. Indica strains can also help induce sleep or tackle insomnia. These attributes usually make Indica-dominant strains the go-to for medicinal use.
  • Ruderalis strains have low levels of THC and produce lower yields compared to indica or sativa strains. They are not used in the recreational market due to their rather poor return. They can be cross-bred with either indica or sativa strains to be improved. Ruderalis can contain higher levels of CBD and can be used for medicinal markets, as long as sophisticated extraction equipment is used. The fibrous stems also make ruderalis more suitable for use in clothing, or textiles.