3 Ways to use Cannabis This Holiday


Looking for ways to consume cannabis discreetly? The holidays can be a stressful time for many. Between all the holiday parties with family or friends here’s three ways to enjoy cannabis without anyone even knowing it.


The easiest way hands down is eating your favorite THC -infused treat. When consuming edibles  keep in mind it may take your body some time to process and get you high. So, time when you’d like to feel the effect. Just remember to keep your treats away from kids or judgmental family members ;  for their safety. Looking for variety in your edibles?Check out Pretzel Nugs savory pretzel bites from Nature’s Grace 50mg total.

Vape Pens

Quick and smell proof. Vapes are a perfect way to sneak a taste of your favorite strain on the down low. Forget about having to pack your nice vape. Cresco Disposable Pens are sleek and easy to carry. Feel merry wirh Cresco’s Candy Cane disposable pen 250MG THC: 89.16% CBDA : 1.85% 


Get the perfect dose with tinctures, plus they are faster acting than edibles. Just add a couple drops under your tongue. A fresh tasting tincture from Pharmacann: Spearmint Tincture a Hybrid THC: 100mg CBD: .60mg.

CBD Capsules

If the holidays cause anxiety and instead you’re looking to have CBD get Cresco’s Capsules-4:1 CBD Dominant 15.25mg. You can take them as a regular pill and rest easy. This is a good option to avoid any of the effects of THC in addition to anxiety caused by the holidays. Its easy to consume cannabis discreetly now with all the options available. Might be a good idea to avoid joints as they cause a smell and attention. Stock up on all your favorite edibles, tinctures, or vape pens ahead of the holidays. What other ways do you consume discreetly?